Nawlins Cab - Offical Cab Service of the New Orleans Saints Nawlins Cab
Nawlins Cabs: 2012 Sienna and Prius

“Call Nawlins, Dawlin.  Tell us where yat!”

Nawlins Cab is a true Ambassador of New Orleans

ambassador to the city of new orleans
The most common question folks ask us is, "Where to eat at?" Our cabs provide the answer to this question on our Fwheet Destination Education system on our rear seat tablets also used for the cab ride payment. 
The location of all participating restaurants are featured on the map in relation to the moving cab. Clicking on any dotted location reveals the restaurant and details to the left. Clicking on the restaurant's menu button opens its menu. Swiping pages through the menu and zooming helps with any small print. 

Any restaurant interested in participating in this program should "be the at"