Nawlins Cab - Offical Cab Service of the New Orleans Saints Nawlins Cab
Nawlins Cabs: 2012 Sienna and Prius

“Call Nawlins, Dawlin.  Tell us where yat!”

Nawlins Cab offers 3 kinds of cab service


1. Standard Cab Service

We offer several cab ordering options and advice for price-conscious passengers that just need to get from here to there.

2. Premium Cab Service

We offer service levels a cut above standard cab service for passengers that value time, personalized and professional service:

Preferential Driver Team - Account customers are assigned to a 10-driver team’s private extension. Calling the private extension rings all the drivers, phones simultaneously and the first driver that answers gets the order. Repetition of use puts the passenger on a first name basis with the drivers and familiarity breeds relationships and caring.

Premium Dispatch - Account customers may hire a premium dispatcher to hunt and manage cab service for them including tracking pick-up, drop-off, lost and found, and customer satisfaction.

3. Group Cab Service

Groups that need scheduled term service can have a driver team assigned to their account at a negotiated rate. Nawlins Cab also provides hover service to those groups that provide their itinerary to Nawlins Cab regarding locational movement so we can be where we are needed.

What makes Nawlins Cab Different?

Culture Nawlins Cab is a locally woman-owned and operated by one of the oldest cab families in the city and people visit us for our culture. The Big Easy has made us speak lazy so we like to shorten our words here, and combine them when we can. So we provide a Yat dictionary of our dialect down here so you gonna know what we talkin' bout. 

Clean cabs - We pride ourselves on being a PREMIUM cab service. We have the newest car fleet in the city and we want our cabs to always be in "like new" condition for our passengers. We need your help to keep our cabs this way. Specifically, the interior of the cab must have no dirt, dust, and debris in it, the fabric and vinyl interior must be clean, and there should be no driver clutter in the cab. If we fail to meet these expectations, please report your cab number to us so that we may issue a Clean Cab Citation to the driver and fix the problem. We thank you for choosing Nawlins Cab and hope you seldom need to report a driver for a dirty cab, but please do so when necessary.

Cutting edge technology - Nawlins Cab follows a service leadership strategy focusing its resources on going beyond what customers need, to providing what customers want - new innovations in the market that make their lives more convenient and enjoyable. So please let us know what ideas you have about improving our service, and check back for passenger based Internet services coming soon.

A Limited Guarantee of Service - App and website customers get a limited guarantee of service in the event that a driver "bails" on your order - If a driver accepts your order, and then you see he has indicated that he has completed your order but actually did not even pick you up, he will receive a Free Fare Citation and you will receive a Free Fare Voucher. Your next order will be complimentary. If you specified a destination then the amount will be up to the fare cost that your fare would have been had the driver successfully picked you up, with a maximum of $50.  Otherwise, the free fare voucher will cover a trip that cost the maximum of $10. The voucher will be used in its entirety on your next trip even though the fare may be under the amount of the voucher. There will be no carry over credit. Please report a failure here

Where-to-eat-at Assistance - The most common question folks seem to ask our drivers is "Where to eat at?" Click here to find out what we tell them.

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